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BioSono provides a cyberspace (www.biosono.com) where researchers, engineers, and students can find useful reference and educational materials, conduct acoustic simulation, post questions on design and development, and get answers. The online KLM based transducer acoustic stack simulation, which is currently free, can help you choose piezoelectric, matching and backing material, and a tuning electrical network. The output from the model includes electrical transmit impedance, acoustic receive impedance, and the impulse or pulse-echo response. The ultrasound beam profile simulation provides the calculated transmitted ultrasound pressure field under certain excitation for a given transducer aperture in a number of different geometrical configurations, including circular elements (flat and concave piston), rectangular elements, linear arrays, convex arrays, and 2D arrays. The simulation is based on Field II, which is a free program that utilizes the spatial impulse response method, and has been validated by many researchers for accuracy. In addition to the web based acoustic simulation, we also provide pulse-echo system, transducers, and customized design and develop services.
ultrasound beam simulation longitudinal view
ultrasound beam simulation cross view
Ultrasound Electronics
Multi-channel General Purpose RF Generator
BSN-10 RF Generator is a multi-channel general purpose RF generator. It is designed to drive single element or array high intensity ultrasound transducer, as well as electrodes for RF ablation in EP or tumor application. The systm has not obtained FDA or CE marker approval yet and so it is can only be used for lab purpose.

The system can be pre-configured from 500k to 7.5MHz, 5 - 120watts, and 1 to 16 channels. The user interface is an 8.4 inch color touch screen and most parameters such as pulse repetition frequency(PRF), duty factor, and transmit voltage can be controlled. A USB port is also provided and user can totally controll the console through a Matlab graphic user interface on PC.
    Technical Specification
  • Center Frequency: 500kHz - 7.5MHz, user pre-defined
  • Total Channel: 1 -16, user pre-defined
  • Transmit Voltage (peak to peak): 100 -2000V, channel independent
  • Maximal Total Output Power: 120 W,
  • PRF: user adjustable
  • Duty Factor: user adjustable, maximal duty factor determined by the maximal power of the channel
  • Burst Length: controlled by PRF and Duty factor
  • Load: 50 - 1k ohm, user pre-defined
  • Overshoot: < 10%
  • Feedback: Dispaly channel HV, Impedance, and Power

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